Blank Stare Productions most recently completely the installation of "CulverLand," a 90-foot-long board game painted onto a sidewalk in Culver City, CA. Designed by John Derevlany, players move forward on the "CulverLand" game board based on the colors of cars passing on nearby Culver Blvd. The well-reviewed "CulverLand" was funded by a grant from the City of Culver City in conjunction with the 2010 IndieCade Festival of Independent Games.

Derevlany has also designed a prototype for a "Giant Big Shoe Man," a "first person stomper game" that uses a dance pad controller for an action oriented adventure game. Users play as a Gulliver-style giant as they navigate a challenging fantasy world, stomping and squishing any opponents they encounter.

Other games include a video game series for infants called "BrainSlapper," and a DVD game version of "Hullabaloo."

Upcoming project: "Best Parent Ever, the Game."